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Feed The Birds!

During the winter months all birds, particularly wild birds, need a diet high in fat as they need a lot of energy to fly and keep warm.
Bread on the lawn is good but seeds, nuts and fat are far better.
Fats are concentrated forms of energy and, per unit weight, provide more than twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates of equivalent weight.  This is very important to birds because of their accelerated metabolisms.  (Flying is a very energetic activity) Energy derived from fat helps birds sustain energy levels longer between meals and over the cold winter nights.

Our wild bird food is grown in North Otago by TopFlite, a company that has been growing food for birds since the 1970’s. Their products can be used to encourage wild birds into your garden.  It will take time for wild birds such as Fantails, Wax Eyes, Tuis, and Kererus to feel at home in a domestic garden but with patience you can encourage many different species into your garden.  Make sure you put the food up high, away from hungry cats.  And water is another good thing to provide for the birds.

When the wild birds eventually find the food you will see a steady stream of birds flying into your garden for food and water, shelter and if you’re lucky, they may even nest.

Bird feeders are a fun way of encouraging birds into your garden.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  We stock a good range of wooden and recycled plastic bird feeders.  Hang them high, away from cats and other predators.  And remember to wash them regularly to avoid the spread of disease and try to keep the food dry. Don't allow it to go moldy, as rotten food has the potential to be harmful to wild birds.

If you follow these simple steps you'll find feeding birds is a lovely thing to do.  Birds in the garden are fun to watch and lively company.  And an important part of our eco-system.