Press these fun buttons for lots of fun sayings - either 10 different wasy of saying no, Nooooo, NO! or ten different ways of saying yes, YES, Yessss! or a whole bunch of very positive affirmations to keep you happy and uplifted all day long.

YES BUTTON - Feeling sluggish, down or just apathetic?  This positive button is for you!  Press it and your mood will instantly lift.  The soothing voice, the positive messages - you'll be radiating joy in no time.
Positive affirmations include
"Today, I will take a chance!"
"I am calm and zen-like!"
"Joy is my natural state!"

NO BUTTON - Ever get tired of saying No to your kids, your boss, your partner?
Well, you dont need to any more.  Let this useful little button do all your dirty work for you.
Press the No! button to hear 10 different pre-recorded ways of saying NO.
Perfect for work, home, school, the supermarket....

YES BUTTON - our current favourite.  Such silly and funny ways of saying yes.  Will make you smile and giggle.

Whatever you need to say, however you need to say it, just press the button to get your message across. 

2x AAA batteries (included)
Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 8.9 x 4cm

The three buttons are all sold seperately and make quite a trio.

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