This is must have the beach accessory for the summer - a soft, easy to use, really fun frisbee.  With its unique aerodynamic design, Wingman flies over many many meters, and doesn’t veer off course to leave you or your partner hanging. Like any Wingman should! Plus, with its silicone material, you can catch it easily by squishing it in your hand.

Easy to fly it can fly up to 40 meters.  It's small and light but flies straight.  Handy size and can fit in your pocket, it is 15cms across.  Made of soft silicon it can be played indoors or out and doesn't hurt fingers. 

It is not a water toy - does not float, but it does make a great gift for a teen who spends time at the beach or park and likes to run around.

These awesome discs come in 6 cool crazy designs. 

Gmwabdiscbeachhand Gmwabdiscsunset Gmwabdiscsundisc Gmwabdiscbw Gmwabdiscfeathersplatter Gmwabdiscpalms Gmwabdiscrainbow Gmwbadischand Gmwabdiscgreasscircle