Triumph and Disaster makes old fashioned male grooming products.  

T & D's philiosophy is to use the best of science combined with the best of nature to produce naturally derived but scientifically engineered products that work.

The packaging is cool, the smells are masculine (the soap is wood and smoke) the ingredients are natural (no parabens, petrochemicals or silicons) and from NZ where possible.  

Shearers Soap - smells of smoke and wood and is gentle on the skin, safe for the environment and should be used daily.

Cleanser - light, refreshing and peppermint scented.  Cleans without drying leaving skin fresh.

Face Scrub - exfoliate with this scrub to remove unwanted build up of old skin and reveal the fresh, clean skin beneath.

Old fashioned Shave Cream - delivers a superior shaving experience.  Natural ingredients combine to simultaneously soften and lift facial hair that results in an unbeatable close shave.  More than 100 shaves in every tube.

Moisturiser - A light, cool quick absorbing moisturiser.  Contains ingredients such as jojoba, ponga fern abd horopita for a calming and soothing effect.

YLF Wash - all over body wash with Kawakawa extract for the busy man.

Triumph and Disaster is a fabulous new mens range.  It's a small but well thought out range of superb products that work well.  

Triumph and Disaster has been set up by well known NZ cricketer, Dion Nash.

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