These are premium grade face masks that have 3 layers of natural fiber fabrics. The inner layer is an extremely soft NZ merino that feels gentle and comfortable on your skin.  The middle cotton layer is hydrophilic meaning it will absorb moisture and provide an extra layer of protection. And the outer layer is a natural linen.

The face maks are light and comfortable to wear.  They are easy to breathe though as all layers are a natural fiber.  And they are easy care too.  Simply wash in warm water after use.  They can be handwashed or put in the machine on a gentle cycle. So btter for the planet 

The face masks come in two sizes, small and large.  Small is approx 19 x 12cms.  They are good for small-medium faces.  The large measure approx 22 x 13.5 and will fit a medium to large face.  (I fit both and have a medium sized face but have tied the large masks elastic to make a tighter fit. I wear my large with glasses as it goes higher up the face and you can put glasses on the face to prevent fogging up ) They attach round the ears with elastic. 

They come in small - navy, black duck egg blue.  Large comes in navy, black and camo. The large size is lined with a green merino and the navy has a blue merino as the inside layer so you can tell the difference.

They are made locally, in New Zealand.

This mask is not a medical grade but sits inline with government recommendations that a triple layer of fabric offers a sufficient level of safety for a non-medical grade mask.  Masks are now mandatory on public transport. 

The Ministry of Health says 'wearing a face mask can reduce the risk of people who have COVID-19, spreading the virus to others. A face mask can help stop infectious droplets spreading when they speak, laugh, cough or sneeze....Face masks can be useful if there is known community transmission, and people are near each other, (less than 2 metres apart) such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments."  The Ministry recommends approximately four fabric reusable (washable) face masks per family member.

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