This is a really clever design - it's a wrap, a scarf and a poncho or cardigan, all in one.

Made of soft cotton, it is a great transeasonal piece that looks great and can be worn numerous ways.

Wear as a simple scarf round the neck, can be looped into the armholes, wrapped round your shoulders as a wrap or worn as a poncho or cardigan for warmth and layers.

Sgwspmustardwrap Sgcardiblack Sgcardimustard Sgcardinavy Sgblackcarditracyside Sgblackcardicu Sgwspblackwrappl Sgwspblackplplant Sgwspmustardplheadless Sgwspmustardplscarf Sgwspmustardplsideways Sgwspmustardscarfcm Sgwspmustardumbrella Sgwspnavycardicm Sgwspcardicmblack

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