This is a convenient way to give your dog a drink when you're both out and about.  The bottle is really well designed, will not leak and will cater to any size pooch.  What's more the unused water can drain back into the bottle so the water will last for longer on a hot summers day.

Fill with water and when your dog is thirsty simply press the botton to release water into the cup.  When they have had enough you can simply drain the unused water back into the bottle by pressing the same button.

The bottle is made from a simple BPA Free Polycarbonate. And the Cup is made from a durable BPA Free, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The silicone seals are BPA Free food grade Silicon.

They come in either a sturdy, stylish black or white.

Designed by a young Kiwi, Harry, who is passionate about good business and design.

These make a great, practical gift for any dog or dog lover in your life.

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