This Amber Book Light is a rechargeable book light designed to clip easily to books, notepads or bed posts. Because it is an AMBER light it does not stimulate like the blue light found in most electronic devices.  It is this blue light that keeps people awake.

The Amber Book Light is well designed. The bendy wire that holds the light is 360 degrees flexible and can be adjusted to any position you want. This is especially useful when reading in bed with someone who is sleeping.  It is lightweight and completely portable. Perfect when traveling, camping, in the baby's nursery, or just anywhere you need some light that is 100% free of any sleep disturbing blue light.  It is fully rechargable, being powered by a rechargeable lithium battery (1000mAh) lasting up to 16 hours. The rubber pad on the clip protects pages from being damaged and offers secure and stable clamping. The large clip has a flat bottom base to convert it into a table lamp providing a blue-free light source where ever you need it. And it has 2 settings of light - medium and bright (35 and 70 lumens). It comes with a charge cable included.

We tested many book lights before and we think this may be the best one we've tried.

It's a great travel gift and at home can stop all sorts of nighttime arguments if one person wants to read and the other one wants to sleep!

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