SPRUCE dishcloths are made from 100% natural and renewable materials - cellulose blended with cotton. They are super absorbent cloths, wonderful for washing up, wiping, and polishing. They are 100% biodegradable.

One SPRUCE cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels, saving you money and reducing landfill waste. They soften in contact with water and can absorb 15 x it’s weight, dry fast so they don’t breed bacteria or smell like sponges.  This makes them the premier cloth on kitchen surfaces.  Other uses can include dusting, glassware, office, car and more.

To clean the Spruce Cloth you can wash in hot water or place in the microwave for a few minutes.  Throw them in with the washing and hanging out to dry in the sun is also a good way to clean them,

Each cloth will last up to a year (we've found they last longer). After a few months you can choose to downgrade the cloth to uses other than round food - in the bathroom, garage or laundry.  Either chop the corner off or get another pattern so you can differentiate them.  Once the cloth has reached the end of its useful life they can be put in the compost as they are both biodegradable and compostable. An independent test showed a cloth completely breaking down in 5 weeks in a home compost system. They are ideal to line the bottom of pot plants to soak any overwatering too.

It is time to reduce the tons of old dishcloths, dusting cloths and paper towels from finishing up in landfill each year.   These are great for boating and camping where it’s important to travel light, minimise space and be environmentally responsible. These cloths purposely have no additional packaging and they are NOT individually wrapped.

These cloths feature designs by New Zealand designers and are 17 x 20 cm in size.  We get great feedback abotu these cloths, customers love them.

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