New Zealand sun is too strong to stay in all day without protection.  But what do you do when you go to the beach (or the lake or camping) without the shade of a tree?  Here's the stylish answer - a sombrilla, an open sided tent that offers plenty of shade but still lets air circulate for coolness.

The Sombrilla is made from a 100% cotton which offers 95% UV protection (tested by APANZA to Australian and New Zealand standards) in four lovely bold prints.  There are two 'settings' you can set the tent up as to optimise the shade it provides.

The tent comes with 2 x 6ft Aluminium non rust Poles (locking mechanism in the middle), 1 Aluminium Crossbar (locking mechanism in the middle),4 Ropes & 4 (non rust) Metal Pegs and it all fits into a lovely matching bag for easy transportation.

This is a safe, sensible and stylish way for you and your family to spend time at the beach.

We've just returned from a 2 week beach holiday and this tent was invaluable.

It gave us cool shade and protection when we'd had enough sun but didn't want to leave the beach.  We spent our afternoons lying under it reading and it was blissful.

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