The Sleepy Kiwi is a lovely range designed especially for the young baby. It has a strong Kiwiana feel - because it is designed and made in New Zealand.

The monocramatic black and white goemetric designs are especially for young babies who at first only see in black and white and recognise bold shapes easily.

The Sleepy Kiwi book is a durable card book about a cute caring little Kiwi who wakes up at night to watch over sleeping babies.  A delightful baby shower book.

The Sleep Journal is a wonderful gift for the first time Mum and baby to record their first 12 weeks together.  Fill of great recipes, handy hints and encouraging tips this book is a valuable and insightful aid for new Mums.

And the cute kiwi toy/pillow is soft and cuddly and easily washed.

Buy them seperately or all 3 in a lovely cotton kit bag (its more economical this way).  This is a really lovely baby gift.

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