Skinnies CONQUERis the best sunscreen protection available. Skinnies are a sunscreen only company that is leading the way in how to protect our skin from the powerful sun, especially here in NZ where skin cancer is a growing concern.

Made with advanced Organogel to hold the UVA & UVB shields on your skin. , this broadspectrum SPF40, 80 minutes water resistant Sungel feels amazing on your skin. Made with no water so a little goes a long way - just a pea size blob will do face, neck and ears.

*We trialed this new Skinnies sunblock while skiing on a cloudless blue-sky day and it was the best sunscreen we’ve used. Not greasy and totally effective." - Anna, Garden Party staff member.

The Skinnies Conquer is a bit more powerful than the Skinnies Original and is perfect for those spending a long time in the sun and elements - skiers, surfers, swimmers, hikers...apply this and go.  


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