This set of three tiles are hand made by Jenz Studio, potters from Te Puna, Tauranga.

The tiles are decorated with the

- Twisted Koru, a relatively new Maori symbol with design roots in nature. It’s said to represent the path of life and symbolize the strong bond between two loved ones.  

- The Huia feather,  which was a most sacred and prized plume to Maori.  They signified rank and prestige and were given as tokens of friendship and respect.

- The Tiki depicts the first mortal born to the Gods. It is also a strong fertility symbol, with the hands on the loins symbolising fertility. The Tiki is a good luck charm.

The set of three tiles come with a white background with red sketches and each tiles measure approx 10 x 10cm.  The set of three comes boxed with a brief explanation of the three symbols depicted on the tiles.

Jenz sketch tiles white boxed
Jenz sketch tiles white boxed Jenz sketch tiles white