This is a handy set of bags that you can use time and time again.  Great for the supermarket - perfect for fruit and vegetables (makes a great mushroom bag), nuts, seeds etc.  Pop them in with your reusable supermarket bags and you'll find them really handy for your weekly shop and so much better than those flimsy, often ripping plastic bags.  They can also can be used (and reused) round the house for washing, toys, garden and craft supplies. (Marie Kondo would highly approve we think)

There are 5 bags in this set - 3 net bags which measure  25cm x 28cm and two 20 x 20 fabric bags.

Made from certified organic cotton, these bags are durable, washable, foldable, ideal for all kinds of produce as well as being great for the planet.  They are 100% biodegrable.

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