These are super-easy-to-grow wildflower seed bombs. You don't need to "plant" seed bombs, they are designed to break up in the rain and already contain all the nutrients and organic material needed to support germination and success of the plants. Throw them on some soil and just let them do their magic!

They attracts bees, butterflies and ladybirds and provide a habitat for pollinators and add colour and life to any garden.  These are great for kids and serious gardeners alike.

Bees Mix contains Cornflower, Echium, Phacelia, Poppy, Red Clover, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Thyme.

Butterfly Mix has Cornflower, Echium, Phacelia, Poppy, Red Clover, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Thyme and Swan Plants

The Ladybird Blend has Cosmos, Marigold and Calendula in it.

The Seed Bombs are packaged in a reusable organic muslin cloth bag (NO PLASTIC!), there are 6 large seed bombs in each pack.  Each seed bomb has enough seeds in them to cover roughly an A4 piece of paper.  

The quickest gardening fun around!


Steve Wratten, Professor Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University and Ruud Kleinpaste, the 'Bug Man' have helped produce this great product.


Please note - because of the nature of this product we cannot send it overseas.  It would probably get stopped by customs. No problem sending anywhere within NZ.

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