These warm white LED seed fairy lights on a delicate copper or silver wire give out a gorgeous soft white light to create a magical atmosphere.

They are 3 meters long with 30 LED lights on a single string.  These lights can be bent into any shape you chose and wrapped around almost any object. They can be used as a stunning table centrepieces at dinner parties or hung straight or wound round plants or furniture to create a wonderful lighting effect.

A fabulous party decoration for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, engagement parties or special event.

These rechargable lights last up to 12 hours on full charge,  They have 3 levels of brightness.  The power pack is small and light, easy to hide and comes with a micro USB cable. It can be detached from the lights so you can recharge the lights without moving them once strung up.

Indoor use only

Shseedlightsonplant Shseedlightsflowers Shseedlightsplantpot Shseedlightsglassjar Shseedlightschargeandgocopperandsilver Shseedlightschargeandgoboxes

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