These beautifully Poi are hand made from recycled and unwanted materials.  Old blankets, plastic bags, unwanted wool and cloth are all used to create these cool, eco-friendly Poi.  

Poi are traditionally used in Maori performances of song and dance. They are swung round the hands and arm in time to the music.  Co-ordination, skill and plenty of practice are required to make the Poi dance look graceful and effortless.

Potiki Poi is a social enterprise started by a determined and entrepreneurial young girl, Georgia Latu.  She started Potiki Poi at aged 12 and makes sure that her business offers jobs to people with diverse backgrounds and abilities. 

The Poi come in a pair and measure approx 25cm which is the recommended size for youth. Each Pair is slightly different as they are all hand made from found materials.  As such you may not get the exact Poi as in the images.  Please email us if you have a specific colour requirement and we'll try to fulfil it.

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