These shoe and boot liners are made from New Zealand possum fur.

Possums are one of three animals that have hollow fur that traps the air and keeps it heated, like an insulator. So the fur is very light but extremely warm.  The other animals are polar beers and reindeer.

Possum fur is also a natural odour eater.

I use these in my gumboots and they keep my feet lovely and warm while I'm standing in the cold mud on the sidelines of my kids soccer games. 

These are a welcome relief  for people that get cold feet in winter.

It is recommended you get a size bigger and cut it down rather than a size that is too small causing the liners to move and bunch up.  

Sizes are small shoe size 5-6 measuring 9 x 24cms

Medium shoe size 7-8 measuring 9 x 26cms 

Large shoe size size 9-10 measuring 10 x 28cms

X-Large shoe size 11-12 measuring 10 x 29cms

Pplinerstwo Pplinersback Ppshoeliner

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