This is a really brilliant kitchen product!  (We use them and love them)

The silicon dics seal tightly on any flat surface - stainless steel, glass, plastic and ceramic.  So you have an airtight, spill-less and bug-free container with any dish and a daisy lid.  Use instead of cling wrap to cover and store food for a reusable, eco-friendly product.

As they are silicon you can also use them as lids for cooking on the stove or microwave. They are good to use to prevent splatters in the microwave as you heat up food. (especially when melting butter)

They come in a white daisy or red poppy design and 5 sizes

- 15cms

- 20cm

- 23cm

- 33cm

These are a handy and practical gift for any kitchen and in baches, boats and camping.

Dapoppydrink Dapoppy-lid-mediumsmall8 Dapoppy-lidstove Dapoppysaladbowl Dawhitedaisypots Dawhitedasiylidhands

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