These pendants are made from pounamu found in the West coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Pounamu refers to several types of hard, durable and highly valued nephrite jade, bowenite, or serpentinite stone found in southern New Zealand. Pounamu is the Māori name.

Each one is different depending on the shape and hue of the greenstone.

They come in price lots - $35, $42 and $47.  Please let us know what kind of shape and colour you like within these groups and we will get you the closest we have.  But please be aware that these are one off pieces and we will never be able to get you exactly the same piece as in the images.

The $35 group size is roughly 35-42mms long, the $42 group size varies between 40-60mm in length and the $47 are bigger again at between 50-70mms long.

Some are polished while others are matt.

If you are interested please let us know what you are after and we'll try to get you as closer piece to what you require as possible

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