This is the best NZ made chocolate we've tried - and we've sampled a lot of chocolate in our quest to source the most delicious to sell.  (it's a terrible job!)

The brain-child behind OCHO is Liz Rowe an ex-journalist and artist who describes herself as 'craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Dunedin'. She says being a craft chocolate means 'that we import the fermented and dried beans and make the chocolate from scratch. This includes roasting, grinding, conching and tempering the chocolate before moulding it into bars. We don’t blend any of our chocolate, so each batch is fully traceable back to the farmer co-operative where the beans were grown".  All the fair trade beans are grown by small cocoa farmers on family land in the Pacific.

They come in 2 sizes - 40 and 95 grams and these amazing flavours 

Salted Caramel -  has delicious chunks of salted caramel mixed into OCHO's 70% chocolate. This way you get lots of caramel, a yummy crunch, and plenty of dark chocolate. At around one third caramel and two-thirds chocolate it is absolutely delicious and moreish.

Short Black - Roasted cacao nibs, coffee & vanilla provide a flavour sensation as you bite into the Short Black Bar. The bar is made with Ocho's 70% chocolate and, as the name suggests, it's perfect with your morning coffee. Look for berry and raisin notes underlying the initial coffee flavoured rush, softened by the vanilla.

Beekeeper - New Zealand Manuka Honey, Bee Pollen and Puffed Amaranth are added to OCHO's 70% single origin dark chocolate in this bar. The amaranth and bee pollen combine to give a soft crunch to the chocolate and bring a mild toasted flavour, while the manuka honey adds a strong honey flavour for a lingering finish reminiscent of summer in a beech forest.

PNG 66% - The Papua New Guinea 66% Cacao combines the goodness of plenty of pure chocolate with just a tiny hint of extra sweetness. Look for summer fruit and berry flavours with a hint of cinnamon and honey

Sugar Free 77% Cacao - The SUGAR FREE bar is made with a stevia-based product that has zero calories. It has dark berry and red currant notes, with a rich chocolate flavour and an underlying cool creaminess.  This is truly a revelation as to how delicious sugar free can be.

Horopito and Kawakawa 66% Cacao - Native horopito leaves and kawakawa berries deliver a spicy, peppery kick. The horopito & kawakawa are ground with the 66% cacao Papua New Guinea chocolate for a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

Milk Chocolate 52% Cacao - It's milk chocolate but not as you know it.  This milk chocolate is fully creamy but also rich and decadent.  Pure creamy caramel flavours with just a hint of vanilla to finish. AMAZING!

This artisan chocolate is so good you should buy one bar to give away and another for yourself.

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