This is world’s most useful teaspoon spoon!  It can get every last bit out of jars!  (most of us leave a surprising amount in the jar without the mini supoon)  It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible scraping sides which make it awesome for scraping every last little bit out of a jar or container. It's great for getting all the smoothy our of the blender as the supoon can fit round blades.  When you put it down its head sits up so it’s great for serving dips and tapas too but wont mark the kitchen bench. It is excellent for taking food to work and school.

It is made from Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant up to 260°C/500°F and is dishwasher safe. It measures 20.5cm x 2.5cm and comes in a rainbow of bright colours.

Dasupoonslineup Dasupoonspeanutjar Damsupoonwithjam Dasupoonsred