These 'Metalbirds' are a beautiful and strong sculptural statement for your garden or house.

Hammer them into a tree, fence or building and they will look great and cast a fabulous shadow.

'Metalbirds' are designed and created in Auckland and are made out of 3mm corten steel so the birds will naturally rust which adds to their rugged charm.  The cheeky little Fantail stands 180mm high and the elegant Tui is 260mm tall while the big proud Kereru is 310mm long.

Also there's the little Black Robin (which almost died out in the 70's) the fearless and noble Kingfisher and the wise Ruru or native Owl which stands 300mm high.  

New to the Metalbirds family are the rare Kokako which is life size at 280mm from tip to tail, the gorgeous Lovebird Sparrows and the Mother and Baby Fantails at 180mm and 80mm high.

There are also the bigger Metal Birds - the mighty Kereru, Fantail and Tui now come in a larger, more majestic size.  Great for big open spaces and large gardens

The Large Kereru is 390 x 270mm including foliage, the Monumental Tui stands at 370 x 200 while the Great Fantail is 400 x 180 including the foliage.

These new models are also made of 3mm corten steel which will rust to a lovely deep, dark brown very quickly.  

Recently added to the range - a pair of Kereru, together for life.  This beautiful couple measures 270mm & 280mm.

And the newset addition to the Metal Bird family is the proud and fearless NZ Native falcon, the Karearea. This stunning bird silhouette is 30cm high.

Tui1 Pwfantailnew.jpg Metal bird tui Mbblrobinoutside Mbkingfisherrusty Mbowl Mbowlontreekim Mbfantailandbaby Mbkokako Mblovebirds Mb2owls Mbfalcondusk Mbkererurusty Mbdoublekereru Mbtuis2 Metal bird packaging

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