MakeKit DIY kits are designed and made by a local Auckland Mum, Lisa,  who wanted to keep her kids off screens and interested in creating and making useful and cool things.  She has come up with this great range of kits that are well designed, have everything you need in them and best of all they make really cool products.  Your kids will be so pleased with themselves they'll want to do more!

The Body Butter MakeKit kit includes:

Shea butter
Coconut oil
Glass jar
Easy step-by-step instructions with images
Almond oil in stopper bottle
Lavender or Orange Blossom fragrance oil in stopper bottle
You can whip the mixture by, but if you have a hand mixer it is even easier.

Made with beautiful natural ingredients, here are just some of their benefiits:

Shea butter is great for has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritated skin
Arrowroot helps stop the mixture from being too greasy.
Almond oil is rich in vitamins and is easily absorbed through the skin without blocking pores.

This body butter, unlike lotions which are water-based, will not go 'off'!   Which is just as well really because a little goes a very long way and you'll be enjoying this luxurious body butter all year round.

Mkbodybutterlavjar Mkbodybutterkit Mkbodybutterornage

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