Make Give Live is a social enterprise that connects and nurtures the wellbeing of people in their communities while crafting beautiful knitwear for you and people in need.

The idea behind this collective is to connect people through knitting groups.  These groups foster a feeling of pride and community.  It is a proven fact that knitting has a multitude of therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress, improving self confidence and helping provide meaningful connections and purpose, especially when you are part of a community.  So far there are established knitting groups in Auckland, Taupo and Christchurch.

Make Give Live provides a warm safe place for the knitters and the needles, patterns and wool.  Knitters aren't paid for their work but enjoy the benefits of knitting in a small group.  

The hats are then distributed to retailers to sell. (We do not make a full mark up on them as we belive this is such a worthy social enterprise and one worth supporting)  

And for every hat sold Make Give Live then donate another beautifully hand knitted hat to people in need.

Such a great idea!

The Make Give Live hats come in one unisex size and the classic shapes suit both men and women.  

They come in two styles both classic beanies that can be worn loose and slouchy or folded over. There's the Madison beanie which is a classic knitted beanie with ribbed edge or the Alex which is a more textured knit.

They are hand knitted out of 100% New Zealand wool and will keep you head (and heart) warm for many years.  And someone elses head will be toasty warm because you've purchased one too! 

Mglhatbeaniemustard Mglhatblue Mglhatgrey Mglhatstitchmustard Mglhatbluestitch Mglhatstitchman Mglhatbeanieboue Mglhatbeaniegrey Mglhatbeaniemoustacheman Mglknitters

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