Do you have trouble following Google Maps while driving because your phone will not stay in one place?  This easy to use magnetic phone mount is the answer.  Simply stick the strong metal mount onto your car dashboard.  Stick a thin metalic plate onto the back of your phone.  Then you have a great place to put your phone while driving.  Great for following Google Maps, answering the phone and changing music while driving.  No more scrambling for your lost phone while driving through traffic.

This contains everything you need to mount your phone in your car - 1 strong device mount with strong adhesive strip so you can stick onto your dashboard, 3 thin magnetic strips that adhere to your phone, 2 sticky adhesive mounts, wipes to clean the surface before you attach the mounts.

Great for people that drive long distances, use Google Maps and have no good place to put their phone.  As it has more than one magnetic strip other phones can use the mount as different times.

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