Have your wrestling matches been too rough and you've broken your Mum's favourite vase?  Do you keep being beaten by your bigger friend?  Try thumb wrestling!

Lucha Libre is a popular style of wrestling that translates to “Freestyle Wrestling” and features wrestlers called “Luchadores” (meaning ‘Wrestlers’) that compete against one another in colourful masks and can sometimes require the permanent removal of their mask as a condition of defeat, an action which has a large degree of significance and weight behind in the wrestling community.

Such an event has been enjoyed by millions over the years, and now you can have your own Lucha Libre themed thumb war with a friend wherever you go with this thumb war wrestling game!

This set includes

- Mini wrestling ring for your thumbs to go through

- 4 x Luchador thumb masks.

Take your wrestling matches to work, school and away with you.  The first to pin your opponant or de-mask them is the winner!

*Please note that this product is not suitable for children under the age of 5 years

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