These gloves warm and toasty.  They are made from 50% NZ merino wool, 40% possum and 10% nylon to help keep the garmets shape.Merino wool is known for is its fine, non itchy qualities and warmth and Possum fur is the some of finest and softest fibres that nature produces yet amazingly hard wearing.  It is hollow which means it is insulating, light and extremely warm. (The other two animals that have this incredible hollow fur are Polar Bears and Reindeer and they live in extremely cold climates!)

The gloves are available in two style - fingerless which are practical as you can wear them and still operate an electronic device and the full fingered gloves whihc keep the whole hand warm.

They come in four colours - Red, Lagoon Blue, Charcoal Grey and Black and are available in 3 unisex sizes Small, Med and Large.

Help save this country's forests and animals life by supporting the possum industry.  Possums eat and damage large tracks of forests and kill our native birds and their chicks every night in New Zealand.

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