This delicious 100% raw honey is made by rescued bees.  Local beekeepers Jess and Luke rescue bees swarms before the exterminator is called in and re-home them in urban places like K'Rd and Ponsonby. (Urban areas are the new 'hip' place for bees to live... seem strange? The nasty agricultural pesticides used on commercial farms are no good for our buzzy little buddies. The urban environment provides a sweet flower-filled haven ... all thanks to all you avid gardeners with lovely flower patches.)

Luke and Jess are passionate beekeepers who's aim is to increase New Zealand’s bee population by supplying healthy, happy hives to urban areas and to educate our future generation on the importance of keeping our little workers around. Most of their profits go back into their business to helping to rescue more bees by building them warm hives and treating them for diseases.

And the honey they help make is delicious! The Ponsonby Honey is a sweet and diverse honey with floral undertones.  No wonder as it is made by rescue bees that forage amongst the tended gardens of Ponsonby. The K'Rd Honey is made by rescue bees that love the Clover, Flax and Kowhai growing in Myers and Western Park.

Comes in sampler test tubes containing approx 10mls of lovely honey.

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