These brilliant deodorants are made from the most natural and simple ingredients -  shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, tapioca, sodium bicarbonate, sweet almond oil and essential oils.

They are not antiperspirants and they do not clog your pores with aluminum. There are no synthetic fillers or harsh chemicals at all.  They are fragranced with essential oils and natural fragrance. Instead the natural ingredients allow you to sweat naturally, but it is completely odourless. The deordorant works because it combats the bateria that causes odour, it does not try to mask smell of body odour.

You simply apply a small pea-sized amount under your arms for all-day protection.

The new bigger 60gm jars will last about 2-4 months, depending on use.

The deodorants are made from plant-based ingredients or natural compounds. There is no testing on animals. They are vegan-friendly and made in New Zealand.

And these great natural deodorants are getting rave reviews from lots of people including Garden Party staff. The Little Mango deodorants were a finalist in the 2019 Best NZ Beauty Awards.

"I was so skeptical about how well a natural deodorant would work but Little Mango deodorants are amazing and blew my expectations out of the water. Lasts all day and even through boot camp and boxing classes!", Cherie.

The three types are

Boho Babe - Scented with rose geranium essential oil

Wanderer - A subtle grapefruit burst with a woody finish

Fearless - Subtly scented with natural vanilla + frankincense

Lmnewthreemarble Lmnewbohopink Lmnewcitrus Lmnewvanilla Lmnewthreeonpink