Kiwi Lingo Playing Cards - Te Reo Maori, Kiwi Slang and Millennial


These playing cards have a difference - they teach you how to speak a language while you play.  

It's a great idea! A fun and very portable way of learning a language.

54 cards all with essential translations from English to Te Reo and intuitive pronunciations on the cards.

These playing cards also come in Kiwi Slang - full of fun expressions unique to New Zealand that will amuse and help you understand the locals.

The latest to be added to this range is The Millennials - cards to explain how the youf speak and what they mean.  These cards could bridge the generation gap and be very helpful at big family get-togethers with many generations not able to understand each other?

Fun, educational cards for all occasions.

Emlingocardsmaorinoworiies Emlingocardsblackpack Emlingoslangbox Emlongocardsmillenialfrnton Emlingocardsmountain Emlingocardsslangnikkihand Emlingocardsmillennialcardsphubbing

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