This series features a wonderful character,  'Kuwi' and her adventures and are written by the very talented New Zealander writer Kat Merewether.  

She writes in a fun yet educational manner and the books are beautifully illustrated with bright colours and full of lovely little details that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Kuwi's First Egg is the first in the series and tells of Kuwi and the adventures she has with her egg.  Kuwi's Huhu Hunt is about how Kuwi tries to feed her baby kiwi chick.  And Kuwi's Very Shiny Bum is all about generosity and appreciation with a light Christmas theme.  Kuwi's Rowdy Crowd will appeal to every parent that's ever felt their children and their friends are too loud.

All these books will amuse, entertain and teach.  They are lovely books. And to make them even better each book comes with a free little Kuwi Christmas decoration just in the lead up to Christmas..

It has a short Te Reo Maori/English index in the back of the book.

These books are a best seller for us and for a good reason - kids love them.  Kat Merewether's books are consistently in the top 10 New Zealand Children Bestseller List.

Brand new to this series is KUWICORN.  

This is a very positive uplifting story about the fantastic potential all children have.  'Who's gentle, gutsy and good-hearted?' "I am an incredible, independent individual.' This book takes kids through a whole range of fabulous attributes they can develop and aspire to.  It's a colourful and creative book which kids will love reading and its positive message is a universal one that we should all try to learn.  This would make a really lovely baby shower or first birthday gift that the child can keep forever.

For each book sold a donation is given to help save our national bird through the Kiwis for Kiwis charity.

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