This recipe book is full of creative ideas to get your kids to cook and eat more healthy, homemade food.  It is designed to get them into the kitchen, preparing (or helping to prepare) and trying new foods and combinations.  The recipes are divided into 4 sections - delicious nutritious breakfasts, healthy lunch box ideas, glorious grub and tasty treats.

It's brightly laid out with colourful fun pages full of familiar Kuwi characters and easy to follow recipes.  Ones that will appeal to kids because they are fun and taste yummy - banana ice cream, kuwicorn poo, Huhu grub bites.  And their parents will like them because they are simple to prepare and healthy.

As with all Kat Merewether's range a portion of book sales goes towards saving our endangered beloved Kiwi's with the charity Kiwis for Kiwi.

Comes with a free Kiwi cookie cutter which there are fun ideas for in the book

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