This is a funny game where players have to match events to well known New Zealand people, places and moments - the funnier the mis-match the better.  You score points for creating the funniest pairings - Dr Ropata, David Bain, Watties Tomato Sauce, Colin Craig's nudie shots, 

In each round of the game, one player poses a question from one of the green cards; and every other player competes to finish this sentence with the most comical Kiwiana white card they can find in their hand.  Players then vote on which answer is the funniest, and that person wins the point, keeping the green card. The player with the most question cards at the end wins!

Kiws vs Morality makes an excellent gift and is a great game for travel and holidays - but be aware it is crude and rude (R17) and you need have knowledge of New Zealand current events and recent history in order to play effectively.

This is the latest Version 2.0 and includes: 100  Green Question Cards & 400 White Answer Cards

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