This fun set of coasters has wine as it's theme.  The 10 x 10cm cork backed coasters will add a bit of fun to any social occassion where wine is enjoyed. The boxed set includes 8 pretty floral coasters with funny wine sayings

- It's Wine O'clock

- Save Water Drink Wine

- Working Nine to Wine

- Wine Flies When You Are Having Fun

- This Wine is Making Me Awesome

- Wine Not?

- Love The Wine You Are With

- Wine a Little Laugh A Lot

A perfect gift for anyone that enjoys drinking wine and laughing.

Mtatwinetimecoastersbox Mtatwinecoastersavewater Mtatwinecoaster9towine Mtatwinecoasterlaughalot Mtatwinecoastersawesome Mtatwinecoasterswintetime Mtatwinecoastertimeflies Mtatwinecoaster6