This is a really lovely sweet book.  So lovely to read to young children as it is a funny, rhyming book about getting kisses.

Turning the notion of a mother's kiss into a sweet book character is where it all began for Ami Muir. Her clever concept for The Kiss Co’s first creative foray, I Got You Some Kisses was conceived while she was at home looking after her 3 month old baby. After leaving the room briefly she had told him that she had brought some kisses back for him.  “I realised what a lovely message that was, and sat down and wrote the story”.

"I got you some kisses that live in this book, I got you some kisses. Lets take a look"'

And now a sequel - 'I Made You a Cuddle' which is a lovely follow up book.  If your child liked Kisses then they'll love Cuddles.

Told by a grown up trying to make the perfect cuddle for their little one, this book is about all of the wonderful things cuddle's can do. It builds the idea that a cuddle is something you 'make', not just 'give'. It is a beautiful concept to bring to a loved one’s childhood and makes a thoughtful gift.

100% NZ written, illustrated and printed. Printed on high quality stock with a non-scuff matt finish. 210 x 200mm.

Created by The Kiss Co, in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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