How to Survive The School Holidays Book - a must for parents of children from 5+


School holidays (or lockdown) is a time that parents can dread.  What can you do with the kids,how can you keep them from spending hours in their rooms on their phones or computers?  While screen time is totally fine for some of their time this brilliant book is packed with ideas, prompts and suggestions for your kids to help keep them entertained and having fun. Most of the activities are simple and cost free.  They do not require much more than common things you'll find at home.

It is divided into useful chapters like - At Home - If The Weathers Bad, Crafting, On a Plane or Train, The Great Outdoors....and contains 101 ideas.

This book is good for school aged kids from 5 years and up. It contains a range of activities for young children but also some that the whole family can play or do.

It can be a huge help when you are struggling to know what to do next with your kids.  Dip in a out of it to get good ideas, or use it as a daily read to plan your days with happy, busy kids.