This Hookey game is fun and easy.  Just throw the rubber rings onto the number.  There are many different games you can play - round the world, 31, highest score wins.  This game's skills are similar to darts; these games require accuracy and concentration.

Hookey Set is a super portable and easy to play game. It’s the perfect addition to any pool room, verandah post, tree or garage wall. With more than one way to play it’s also a versatile game people of all ages can enjoy. It’ll last for many games nights to come as the board is made with real rubberwood, not flimsy ply. Hookey is also the perfect way to get the kids away from the TV and brushing up on their math skills while they play 121. Set Hookey up permanently for at home fun, or easily take it down to the park for a few rounds of Round the Clock and a laugh with mates.

Hookey is a lot of fun for adults. In fact, it’s addictive. And kids will love it too.

A great gift for home, holiday house or camping.

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