These lip butter are the bomb! They are all natural and feel great on your lips.  They are a lip butter - sitting somewhere between a lipbalm and a lipstick.  You can apply one layer for a very soft look or more for a deeper colour and set it with powder if you dont want it looking too glossy.

They come in a neutral Nectar, a pretty Strawberry Patch, a pleasing light Petal, a subtle earthy Earth Mumma and a gorgeous Raspberyy Tint.

These New Zealand made lipbutters are a zero waste product.  The Hippie Stick makers are very conscientious of the fact that the world needs no more plastic. Hippie sticks come in a compostable cardboard container that can be planted after all the lipbutter has been used.   It contains a seed so that a cornflower (a plant that bees love) may grow from it.   

You may find a slight fluctuation in the solidity of your lip butter and occasionally the texture may become grainy due to the ingredients being unrefined, chemical and additive free. To prevent your lip balm from melting, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.  Hippie Sticks are vegan, 100% cruelty & palm oil free. And the Hippie Sticks are a generous .3oz so more than your average lipsick.  They really are the best, most earth friendly lip butters around!

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