This foaming hand sanitiser kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs. This rapid acting formula is made with using lemon scented tea tree oil and leaves your hands feeling clean, protected and moisturised. It smells and feels lovely.  Doesn't dry your hands out. Does not contain Alcohol. Suitable for every day use and smells lovely.

Comes in a handy little 50ml container, perfect for your handbag, school bag or car glove box.

The all purpose anti-bacterial Sanitiser Spray sanitises and protects against 99% of common bacteria and germs. Formulated using New Zealand Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil, this fast-acting formula is alcohol-free and gentle on the skin. Can be used on skin and around the household. In a handy, little 30ml bottle with spray nozzle.


Dqhandsanitiserandspray3 Dqhandsanitiser Dqspraysanitiser

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