These hot water bottle covers are hand made by Alex O'Connell.  She upcycles blankets by felting them (softens them by washing them with a tennis ball) and makes them into these lovely soft covers.  She then sews the gorgeous designs on the front - foxes, polar bears, dogs, cats and hydrangeas. The hydrangeas are often made with hand dyed felt to create the mottled look of the flowers.   

Each one is slightly different, depending on the materials available.  She uses different ribbon and stitching which makes one a little bit unique. We will send you the design you chose but it may differ from the one featured in the photographs.  And as they are hand made they may take a week or so to make if we need to order from her.

Please email us if you have a particular design or colour you'd like and we may be able to get it made for you.

Aoornageyellowdogbluepolar Aobluebeargreypolarreddog Hotwaterbottlefox Hot water bottles - individual - hydrangea on blue Hot water bottles - individual - hydrangea on green Hwbc heart back