This little pack of plant food certainly packs a punch.  It helps to encourage faster growth, healthier foliage and roots that absorb nutrients at their maximum capacity. Descibed by its creators as a 'plant growth tonic made from fresh coconut water from young green coconuts that contains powerful bio-active nutrients that are scientifically proven to control and maximize the pace at which a plant will grow.  Studies show that plants fed with coconut water will be denser with bigger leaves and healthier root systems, 100% naturally."

Its versatility means you can use it instead of a rooting hormone for propagation, in hydroponic setups as a nutrient flush, as a foliar spray, or in a soil drench. It’s also beneficial for easing transplant shock and treating cases of nutrient overloads and deficiencies. 

Groconut naturally contains elements like calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium - all which are necessary for optimal plant growth. Use exclusively or alongside your fertilising routine to maximize nutrient uptake and supply bio-active sustenance for optimal growth.

It's great for indoor and outdoor plants and economical too as this little pack makes up 25 liters. Simply mix with water to apply.

Makes a thoughtful gift for plant enthusiasts and keen gardeners

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