Gordon Walters was probably New Zealand’s most influential modern artists. Across six decades he explored the potential of a few simple geometric elements with a singular focus, creating works of exactitude and refinement. His work, now many decades old still looks modern with it's clean lines and powerful. stark contrasts.  It is incredible to realise that he hand painted these works, a pain staking and precise art that required a steady hand and patience. They look like they are done on a computer but he predated computer aided drawing. A comprehensive retrospective of his works were recently brought together in an exhibition called New Vision at The Auckland Art Gallery. This much revered figure of New Zealand modernism is represented in all New Zealand’s major collections both private and public.

These open edition art prints are the perfect way to have an image of the iconic NZ artist, Gordon Walters, in your home. They have been produced in conjunction with his estate and the nation-wide exhibition of his work.

Untiltled No.1 - Gordon Walters is most well known for his Koru paintings which explored the contrasts of positive and negative using a pared down palate and use of bold simple shapes. This painting is a great example of his Koru work.

Maho - means quiet and calm.  Walters regarded Maho as one of his finest works and it is said to represent his marriage to Margret Orbell who was a literature and language professor. Both she and Walters had a life long love and fascination with Maori culture. The two koru can be read as supporting and balancing each other.

The unframed print measures 160-180 mm x 200-220 mm
Outside measures (with white matt surround) 278 x 350 mm.
These stunning prints are also available also in a black or white box frame with clear glass.

*We may not always carry both the black and white framed prints so please allow a week extra to get one made up if we do not have one in stock

Gwframedwhiteuntitled Gwuntitled1 Gwmaho Gwmahoframedblack

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