These crazy big and bright pool toys will provide hours of fun in the pool this summer.  

They measure approx 1.2 meters across and are made of strong durable vinyal that holds up over 90kgs. They are easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store.

Great for the kids and teens to play in and on.   So you can relax in peace by the pool.

These original Big Mouth pool toys a great gift for pool owners.  

Vdmeramaidfloatpool Vdmermaidgirl Vswanwithgirl Vswanempty Flamingpool Flamingo float Vpooltoywatermelonfruit Vwatermelonreece Vmelonladylie Vpineapplepool Vpineapplepackaging Vrubber-duckie-pool-float-action Vduckyempty Vbigmouthlogo