Love camping, boating and tramping but struggle to find a place for everything you need at arms length?  This Gearline Organiser is a simple but clever idea.

It's a 1.2 meter line with 10 S-biner hooks that you can hook equipment onto - torches, keys, bottles, jackets, sunglasses, towels, tools - anything you may need to find in a hurry (and perhaps in the dark?)

The line is very strong but light and can be hung horizontally or vertically and is easily attached with twisting ties.  Can be hung in tents, on poles, trees or in a garage or tool shed.

This product consistantly rates very highly with users as its one of those "products that are so useful you wonder how you coped without it".

Bpmgearline Bpmgearlinehooks Bpmgearlinevert Bpmgearlingpack

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