Fresh Paper - - extends the life of fresh fruit and vegetables


Tired of fruit going bad?  Vegetables going off?

This is an AMAZING product.  We've tried it and it does work.  It is a pack of papers that are infused with organic, active botanicals that keeps produce fresh for up to 2-4x longer.  Pop a sheet in your fruit bowl and see how much longer the nectaries, bananas and oranges last.  Cut a corner and put it in a pack of strawberries - you'll be astounded, we were. See our photo.  The one on the right has a small corner of the fresh paper, the one on the left has none and went moldy in a few days.  Pop into a bag of washed salad leaves and be so relieved that they don't rot in days like normal.

Works in or out of the fridge.

It's not just us that is amazed at this product.  It's won prizes all over the world for innovation and has been praised by The New York Times called it ingenious, Time Magazine has named the inventor Kavita Shukla as one of the 5 Most Innovative Women in Food, Oprah raves about it, it's one of Amazons best selling kitchen products....

Freshpaper saves you money and reduces waste. And it is recyclable and compostable.

Comes in a pack of 4 sheets that each last 30 days. 

Try some today - you'll be delighted with the results.

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