These are the gorgeous new eco bags designed by FLOX.

There are three lush bird and plant designs, different on both sides. Passionfruitflower and Fantails (purple tones, 2 birds), Peony and Korimako (pink flowers one bird) and Kotare and Hummingbird (featuring 2 different birds, one with its wings extended).  The bags are different on each side, same design but a different view.

They are a generous, large size at 50 x 40cm with a deep gusset and strong handles.

They make a great grocery bag and are perfect for the beach - able to carry many towels, togs and toys.

They are an easy wash and wipe material for every day use.

Helping the world, by not using single use plastic bags, has never looked so good!

Fxbagpassionfrontwall Fxbagpassionbackwall Fxbag2birdshumming Fxbagredhandle Fxbagpeonybrick Fxbagbrickfront Fxbagbrickback Fxbagisabella

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