These stunning Pacifica Flower Balls are made by Kim Ellis.  Every flower ball is different as they are hand made from different flowers. As such you will not get an exact one as in the photographs but we will try to send you one as similar as possible.  We can send you images of the exact ones we have in stock if you like but please note they sell very quickly so our stock is always changing.

The Flower Balls will last for many years as they are made from plastic flowers attached to a circular polystyrene shape.  They measure 45 - 48cms and are light and easy to hang as they have a long ribbon that can be tied or pinned.

They look fabulous indoors or outside (not permanently) as an art piece to celebrate the vibrancy of the Pacific, the approach of summer or as a centerpiece for an event or party.

We only have one left at the moment (first image) but Kim will make us more in November.  If you are interested please let us know and we can order one.  Kim only makes them once a year

Keflowerballmixed Keflowerballpam80th Keatflowerball

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