This is an awesome fun game for the whole family.

The aim is simple - hit the scoring circle with your chicken to win.  But its not that easy - the Flickin Chickens bouce and roll in unpredictable ways.  Throw the scoring circle as far (or close) as you want.  Then you take turns in hitting it with your chicken. Score like a round of golf - say you take 5 shots to get the target circle then your score is 5 for that round.  The player with the lowset score after 9 rounds wins the game. 

This game is best played outdoors.  It is an easy to play, fast-paced multi-generational game. Great for picnics, beach, and backyard & family gatherings

Requires 2-4 players, recommended for ages 6+

Includes four rubber chickens, one scoring disc, scoring pad, pencil, and instructions

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