Feel A Little, a book about feelings for little ones


Feel A Little is a colourful, character-filled book about big feelings for little ones. This is a book of little poems about emotions, with rhyming, read-along poetry by Jenny Palmer and illustrated with bright, imaginative characters by Evie Kemp. It features a rainbow of 14 important emotions explored through gorgeous ‘read along’ poetry that involves all the senses, accompanied by cute illustrated characters. Rhyme and rhythm help children remember and relate to information, while the bright characters capture their imagination.

“We've created Feel A Little to use all those elements to engage kids"; says Evie, “It's all very well having important messages about feelings for children, but you have to design something parents and children will actually want to look at! We want to show that books about feelings don't have to be stuffy, preachy or gloomy! They can be beautiful, fresh and spark imagination!", says Evie.

Feel A Little isn't just a beautiful book, it's a whole toolbox for starting conversations about emotions from a young age.  ​It is perfect for reading to children from a young age, and for children aged 7 to 11 years old to read to you.  ​

This is a bright, beautiful hardback book that will be read, enjoyed and used by your family.

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